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Modelling and testing of building material and structures

The EMMS laboratory was founded in 2013. It aims at linking all the scales of civil engineering, from micro-cracks to massive concrete dams. To this end, it conducts research and surveys that rely on modelling and experiments, from test specimens to scale one prototypes of bridges. It develops applications to every kind of civil engineering structures : bridges, power supply installations, large span coverings, high rises, rockfall barriers, etc. The laboratory research topics are thus positioned at the interface between mechanical, material and structural engineering, at the crossroads of multiple communities, between academic research and practice. Indeed, the laboratory members integrate and develop advanced models based on large experimental campaigns from which they try to draw practical lessons for professionals, be they designers or bridge owners.

His activities focus on innovation and management of infrastructures which are conducted in the framework of industrial partnerships as well as public research programs. The two main themes are :

The laboratory features outstanding experimental facilities, notably a testing platform with a double reaction wall, as well as a technical know-how and multidisciplinary scientific expertise that enables it to make experiments at all scales of civil engineering. In support of these experiments, it develops original numerical modeling tools and advanced metrology, including optical fiber measurement. Finally, it actively participates in the development of the technical doctrine and is involved in many working groups elaborating technical guides and recommendations, national and/or European standards....